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Helen Taylor VA SERVICES

Helen Taylor is an experienced and professional personal and virtual assistant, that after many years working at Rolls-Royce, chose to take her career path in a different direction and become her own boss. Helen offers many services including scheduling, management, booking and event tasks. As well as personal errands, minute taking and presentation creation. 

helen taylor website mockup.png

Helen's website is one of my favourites. We stuck to her logo/brand colours of black and gold and incorporated this style throughout her entire website, including only a splash of white, making it look clean and consistent. Helen wanted to portray a professional but modern look and feel to her site, so I made sure it was easy to use and memorable, with her colour scheme and slick animations. The use of icons and images also gives it a modern technical vibe, making her appear more appealing to her potential clients. 
We also added a blog to her site to help increase her SEO and client reach. It's a nice simple touch to her website that makes her stand out. The blog feature is super easy to use and works very efficiently. 

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