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Conscious Being is a digital magazine and online community created by disabled women, for disabled women and non-binary folk. The first magazine of its kind to explore inclusive disability from an angle full of joie de vivre, Conscious Being has regular columns featuring fashion, beauty, art, culture, music, and hard-hitting journalism, as well as themed features with a lens of disability. Conscious Being is a vibrant, full-bodied publication targeted at Disabled women and non-binary people who are intellectually curious and creatively driven, as well as being a great way for non-disabled allies to engage with the community.

The second I found out about the idea of Conscious Being I knew I had to be a part of it. You can read more about my part in building this brand and designing the magazine here.

Conscious Being's website has a blog, members only section, link to a podcast, about the creators section, live Instagram gallery and so much more. 

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