Conscious Being Magazine

Conscious Being, the magazine for disabled women by disabled women. Exploring feminist disability with joie de vivre – featuring fashion, beauty, art, culture, music, and hard-hitting journalism all with a lens of disability.

As the graphic designer for this digital magazine; I had the pleasure of pulling together the works of so many creative and influential women, designing the layout, choosing the colours and branding, and bringing it to life with graphics, effects and working, clickable links. The magazine is interactive, containing clickable buttons, links and magazine effects. I also designed the logo, branding and social media templates for the magazine in order to create a cohesive and professional looking brand that would be recognisable across any and all platforms. 

You can view/purchase Issue 2 of the magazine on Flipsnack Using the link below.
There's also an accessible text-only version available for those with screen readers.